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Coaching by Kim Harrison

Let us not beat around the bush, the working world is hectic!! Especially when you are set on your career path and wanting to prove you have what it takes to your employers and most importantly to yourself or it could be that you have just moved into the new senior position with a team reliant on you for your guidance and expertise, a board of directors looking to you to outperform your predecessor and meet their demanding KPIs.

Having worked in the financial arena within Corporate for over 20 years, I know this pressure is very real,  energetic at times but tiresome at others.

I recall the continuous pressure; the never-ending meetings and nervousness before delivering key presentations at board or trustee meetings, after many long hours of preparation and the positive interactions required with your department to ensure they are over-
delivering and meeting the company expectations.

This takes its toll on you, your family and your wellbeing over time and it might be time you stopped and ask yourself:


Questions to ask yourself:

· Am I the best leader for my staff?
· Where should I focus my attention to achieve success?
· Am I achieving my business goals?
· Is the department achieving its goals?
· How can I best motivate my staff to operate at their best?
· Can I improve on the presentation of the business information?
· Am I showing up as my best?
· How do I sustain this pressure?
· Am I compromising any of my key values and principles?
· Have I reached a pivotal point in my career? 

And on a personal note

· Why am I doing this?
· Am I losing myself during this process?
· Am I the best person I can be when not at work?
· How can I achieve more balance in my life?
· This juggle is getting tiring, how can I change things?
· How can I connect better with my partner and children?
· I need more time for myself, how can I achieve this?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is time we had a chat.

A chat about the coaching experience you can have if you walk this path with me.

Firstly we will identify where you are currently and where you want to be; secondly co-create the path to achieve this and then go on a journey together, taking key actions to achieve your inspiring goals through your key insights.

If, on this journey obstacles become apparent that might be holding you back, we will address these offering you stretch and enable you to reach your inspiring goals.

Your coaching experience with me is going to be completely different from any other coaching experience you may have encountered.

The methodology I use will enable you to discover your answers, connecting new wiring in your brain to create new habits based on your own experiences. The stretch that you will achieve through the coaching series will allow you to think differently, bigger than you have ever done in the past. 

The solution-focused approach together with the structured sessions enables your brain to operate in a positive state, moving you forward and enhance your learning experience.

The added bonus to your experience is my toolkit which will enable you to overcome any obstacles that might be hampering your growth such as unresolved dilemmas, confidence issues, work-life balance, conflict resolutions to name a few.




Kim has been an instrumental guiding light for me, this last year. She has and continues to create clarity,
purpose and direction both in my personal and work life. 
Her kind nature, practical, solution-oriented mind and incredible ability to listen is second to none and I
use the tools she has given me daily.

Lexi Hall - Managing Director of Tinkwe, boutique PR marketing consultancy

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