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Kim Harrison

Executive coaching to help you obtain clarity in all aspects of your life, achieve exceptional goals and develop new habits


About Kim Harrison

Executive Coach

My passion for assisting people to reach their potential in all aspects of their lives together with my business knowledge of over 20 years in finance combines to offer entrepreneurs, FD's, CFO's and executives the opportunity to set profound personal and business goals as well as change habits. The results will speak for themselves by unlocking potential, improve thinking and performance.

Personally learnt to overcome life's challenges from an early age by dealing with parents divorcing; recovering from self-inflicted illnesses from lack of life balance; business pressures to achieve deadlines; managing large departments and retrenchments have installed in me a desire to "beat the situation" and learn from each lesson to how better myself.  

Brain-based coaching has equipped me with the tools to assist people in fulfilling their potential and learning their life lessons. 

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Invest in yourself

Achieve growth and balance resulting in success and happiness


Executive Coaching Sessions

Get ready to take action by investing in yourself

The coaching series consists of 12 sessions:

  • The setting of 3 inspiring goals designed to stretch you;

  • The co-creating of key action points; 

  • Guidance and support throughout each action to achieve the goals;

  • Development of new thought processes and tremendous insights; and

  • A final assessment of the goals achieved, insights and learning experienced.


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Authentic Testimonials


Lexi Hall - Tinkwe

Working with Kim over the last 3 months was life-changing for me and has without a doubt been the most tangible coaching I have experienced to date. 
Her ability to seek clarity in a situation, to properly define the source of a problem and to not stop until the very best solution has been found, is second to none. 
The programme helped me to feel incredible contentment as well as a solid sense of purpose in all areas of life.


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