I have been immersed in the financial world for 20+ years since completing my articles in 1995. I am experienced in the retail and financial services sectors which have provided me with the opportunity to learn and specialize my skills in financial analysis and advisory, managerial finance, asset management, financial planning, modelling and reporting, investments and general accounting. 

Many admire me for my work ethic, organizational skills and implementing of efficient auditing processes that ensure even the tightest of deadlines to be met. Above all, I am a people person, comfortable interacting with senior management and directors as well as helping train staff within the financial area. I always motivate others to reach their highest potential.

This experience led me to my other passion of brain-based coaching. This coaching is aimed at providing support to CFO/ FD’s and entrepreneurs to earn success through achieving exceptional personal and business goals, changing habits and dealing with dilemmas. This brain-based coaching approach enables me to facilitate ongoing positive change by unlocking people’s potential, improving thinking and performance.

My Result Coaching training provides me with a specific methodology based on Neuroscience which I apply to goal setting, I also provide support with the execution thereof. This enables executives to obtain clarity and direction for themselves and their teams together with a positive contribution to their businesses.

When not following my passion, I love the outdoors; reading a good book or supporting my sporty family participating in motorbike racing, squash, off-road motorbike riding, cricket and rugby.


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