Who is Kim Harrison?

I am Kim, I am an ethical, big picture thinker, and nurturing person who is highly motivated. I
grew up in a large, close family sharing special moments and vacation times
before my parents divorced. The experience of the separation projected me on a
path of the need for continuous learning. I dedicated myself to my schoolwork,
obtained university entrance and completed B Comm (Accounting), Honours in
Accounting degrees and finally the board exam to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

My learnings have not stopped there, I have continued with self-learning of finding
and connecting within myself firstly and then others. This has been enhanced with
workshops on emotional intelligence and many business courses.

I embraced articles wholeheartedly and within a short period, I was managing a
team. This was an indication of what was to come. My experience in corporations
has always been managing people, starting initial with a small department, and then
growing to over 30 people when working in a listed company. My desire to enhance
people, aid them to grow and achieve their best has always inspired me. This
incentivized me to embark on brain-based coaching and learning about the brain and
the methodology to maintain it in a positive state to create new insights to move you
forward to achieve inspiring goals.

Besides the above, the technical learnings on my corporate journey have been
phenomenal with the summary of learnings within the human resource area from
setting policies to disciplinary hearings, company secretarial requirements,
competency-based methods of recruiting key people, planning and coordinating staff
to reach incredibly tight audit deadlines, preparation of board and trusting meeting
packs, presentation to many trustee boards, preparing glossy annual financial
statements for a listed company, the art of delegating as the company grew from a
start-up to over 70 people, understanding of the retirement funding accounting
regulations and adhering to these requirements.

I have taken my corporate experience along with my coaching training and
experience to aid you as you currently work in corporate or within your own
businesses to achieve your best and inspire the teams reporting to you to be on top
of their game without compromising yourself, losing yourself or undermine any of
your values along this incredible life journey.

My motto in life is taking the lessons from the experience, learn from them, and
move forward positively, to enable your own growth. I have applied this to all my life
experiences and pivoted myself. I would like to guide you to take your learnings and
utilize them to become your better self.

I also bring to the table my comfort in interacting at all of management levels within
an organization, the desire to teach, high work ethics, good organizational skills,
strong values , excellent listening skills and vast experience in both small and large

My life partner and I try live life to the fullest, along with our two teenage children.
We love outdoor activities, mainly waterskiing, off-road biking, track racing and