Kim has been an instrumental guiding light for me, this last year. She has and continues to create clarity,purpose and direction both in my personal and work life. Her kind nature, practical, solution-oriented mind and incredible ability to listen is second to none and Iuse the tools she has given me daily.

Lexi Hall - Managing Director of Tinkwe, boutique PR marketing consultancy

Even as a Coach, sometimes you need a fresh set of eyes on the situation to provide you with a different perspective to the challenge at hand.  I completed 6 session with Kim Harrison, The Leadership Coach.  Her brain-based, methodical approach, helped me structure thought processes and add some templates to my business.  She helped me work through a couple of sticking points and challenged negative belief systems to a fresher, clearer perspective. I feel fortunate to regularly enjoy Kim’s perspective on situations, as Kim and I mingle in similar circles. I highly recommend Coaching with Kim Harrison.

Collette Merritt - Thrivalist Life Coach, Be The Change Coaching

I have been a coaching client of Kim's over the last few months of 2019 and into 2020. Kim has taken me through a thorough goal setting and follow-up coaching process, where I identified 3 high level goals and have worked through a process to complete the actions required to achieve those goals. Where I have stalled or got stuck, Kim always has a tool or thought process to either get me back on track or to clarify a thinking process or aspect of a goal. I signed up for coaching with Kim because I had a pattern of prioritizing work and/or other peoples needs before my own, so wasn't making any progress on my personal goals. The coaching methodology and the attention I have given my own goal achievements through the process has meant that I have achieved things that I have been meaning to 'get to' for years, in a few months. Kim is a great coach, she challenges, follows-up and encourages progress. I would highly recommend Kim and her coaching process for anyone who wants to define and work towards changing their lives for the better.

Kim Holmes - Change Specialist, Executive Leadership & Systemic Team Coach, FNB

I worked with Kim for a while and she had become a trusted confidant and friend.
We built a wonderful friendship and therefore I kind of thought she would not
challenge me, compared to someone I did not know. I was most definitely very
wrong! Kim was professional and ensured I was treated like any other client. Kim
taught me how to understand my thoughts and decision making, choose my own
directions and grow as a person for unlimited happiness. I discovered the need to set

goals, achieve them and celebrate. Kim’s personality is warm, friendly, and genuine. She is

a great listener and mentor. I would say to others: provided you are willing to do it for yourself and
are ready to make a few changes, try out at least one coaching session with Kim
and you will instantly see you are able to turn things around in a few short weeks
to a month, instead of having to wait a whole lifetime for things to happen
around you. I am enjoying my life more as I feel more confident and I am finally able to do the
things that I want to do. I have the tools and the positive attitude to carry on with
the changes I have put in place. I now have the ability to understand how to
create my goals and work towards them as I grow within my career and personal

Bianca Baillie - Executive and Personal Assistant, New Zealand